Pawn for the Man

by Mikal Shapiro

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Nuff said.


No need to fake it.
We all know where you stand
with your foot in the door
and that line in the sand.
We watched you steal the floor
with that gun in your hand.
So put down your pretense
while you load up your chambers
and spare us that story
about loving your neighbors.
We watched your devil-deal wheeling go down
under the tables.
You're just a pawn for the man.

Just a pawn for the man.
Just a pawn for the man.
You're lighting up his matches
for that bomb in his hand
while you nod and you smile.
You think you're part of the plan
but you're just a pawn for the man.

He'll offer you hope when you get to complaining
but that's just the rope he'll use for your hanging
so you offer him your neck because you can't check the king
not as a pawn for the man.

With a noose for a collar and the gallows your screen,
you'll be hanging there for hours inside the machine
you can tally up the mileage
you can tune out the screams
but you're still just a pawn for the man.

Just a pawn for the man
Just a pawn for the man
You're forging his chains of supply and demand
and he's slapping them on you
while he's shaking your hand
You're just a pawn for the man.

Just a pawn for the man
Pawn for the man
Don't know how it ends
but it's sure to be grand
Cuz we're all still lining up
just to be in his band...


released December 20, 2016
vox, elec. guitar - Mikal Shapiro
vox, elec. guitar - Chad Brothers
bass - Johnny Hamil
drums - Matt Richey
extra vox - Joel Nanos

Recorded and Masters at Element Studios



all rights reserved


Mikal Shapiro Kansas City, Missouri

Mikal Shapiro is a Kansas City songwriter, artist and filmmaker whose musical influences span classical songs, psych rock, folk, country, jazz and blues. She has toured extensively across the United States and has recorded three critically acclaimed albums. A third generation storyteller, she draws inspiration from her travels, love life, and the state of the Union. ... more

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